Momma Lachanda

Baby Grace has changed her word for breastfeeding several times: it went from nana, to nano,to noy noy, and now noys.  Noys has more meaning than I want to breastfeed. 

It means:

“Mommy I hurt my hand and I need you to make me feel better.”

“Mom I’m throwing a tantrum and I need to settle down”

And the one I love most:

“Mommy it’s the  middle of the night and I want to be close to you.”

I never knew breastfeeding would not only be beneficial for my child’s nutrition, but also be an amazing parenting tool.

Growing up I never saw anyone in my family breastfeed and it never crossed my mind to do it.  I always figured I’d have a C-section and give my child formula.  One day my husband suggested we watch “The Business of Being Born“, a documentary about natural child birth.  It changed my views and my life.  After watching the documentary, natural child birth and breastfeeding were my biggest desires and I’m happy to say I was able to do both.

Breastfeeding went fairly smooth after Grace was born.  She latched on perfectly from the beginning and gained her birth weight back within a week.  There were only two times that we ran into a little difficulty.

The first time Grace had a full body rash and we couldn’t figure out what caused it.  Thank God for breastfeeding support groups; I posted a picture of the rash on Grace’s stomach and  the mothers immediately suggested that she may have a milk protein allergy.  I cut dairy from my diet and within a month the rash cleared up.

The second run-in happened when I returned to work when she was eight weeks old.  I was pumping too much at work and when I got home she would get agitated because my milk didn’t flow as fast as it did prior to pumping.  My lactation consultant suggested that I stop pumping so close to the time I was going to see her after work so I would have more milk stored in my breast.  After making a slight adjustment things went back to the way they were before I started work.  Now that I’m home full time I no longer have to pump.

I often wonder what I would do without breastfeeding because it’s how I parent and part of our life style.  When Grace was younger she had a lot of physical reactions to different things due to her eczema, and I would put breast milk on the area or give her a breast milk bath and it would clear up within hours.  When she’s upset and crying because she can’t have her way, breastfeeding comforts her and stops the tears immediately.  It also helps nap and bed time run smoothly.

I can say that I never thought I’d breastfeed my child, and I sure didn’t think I’d be breastfeeding for 19 months, but I’m so happy I am on this journey with her.

I’m also happy I have a husband that supports our journey and a daughter that I have a beautiful bond with because of his support.



One thought on “Momma Lachanda

  1. I am so fortunate and blessed to have such a wonderful daughter-in-law!!! Your insight and developing parental skills are awesome. Being able to share what was once never really talked about so that both new and expectant parents can hear from someone who is having a beautiful experience with breastfeeding is fantastic. Watching you learn and now to let others know that fully embracing the bond between parents and their children is great. Kudos to a Bad A** Momma


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