What if Breast isn’t Best?

To all the moms who have chosen not to breast feed: We support you.

I know what your thinking. You sell lactation products; why would you want women not to breast feed?

We are a company that supports moms, ALL moms. Our products can benefit everyone, even men. Our list of ingredients is wholesome, vitamin/nutrient filled and energy rich.  Like we said, everyone needs more of those things.

I took a risk when baby Z was about a year old that could have ended our breastfeeding journey. I started using Clary Sage essential oil to control my mood swings.  I was having fits of rage, for no reason. It scared me. I sought holistic help.  One side effect of using clary sage oil is that it can reduce milk production.

Clary Sage

My mental health was more important than my babies need for breastmilk.  It was that simple.

Fortunately, for us, the oil did not reduce my supply.  It did help my mood. I was lucky. Some women need to be on prescription medication to manage their mental and physical health. This may prevent them from nursing. They are good, I’d even go so far as to say great, mothers doing what is best for the health of their family.

Medical need, low supply, sore nipples, general aversion: all of these are valid reasons to chose other ways to nourish your child. There is support and resources out there to help combat these if breast feeding is something that you want to do, but sometimes breast isn’t best.

Being a mom is freaking hard, adding these challenges can just be too much. We understand and support you. You are a great mom.

This video says it all.

Either way you chose we are here to support you.

If you bottle feed we want to hear your story. bottle-feeding-baby

cropped-zoey-1.jpg  If you breastfeed we want to hear your story.

If you bottle feed donated breast milk we want to hear your story.donated milk

Bottom line: we support your right as a mom to make the best choice for you and your baby. PERIOD.  We support you.

mom support


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