How We Got Started

Meet Sandra and Baby Z.  Sandra is our first Bad A** Momma.

B.A.M! began as an answer to a difficult situation.

They live out in the country and Baby Z had to see her doctor in the city far too often.
They were making the trek into the city constantly for both doctor visits and resources to help heal Baby Z.  Momma Sandra was worn out.
Making the breast milk that helps feed and nourish her bundle of joy was getting difficult. We discussed, nightly on the phone, what food solutions there were to keep Momma Sandra fed while on the go shuttling Baby Z back and forth.
The normal ‘healthful’ options like protein and energy bars kept happening out of sheer convenience.  They just aren’t designed for Momma needs.  Things that Momma Sandra had been making time to eat and drink before, when she had the time at home, had been boosting her production.  So we made a list of all the things that she had experienced a boost with when she consumed them.  I read a lot about lactation cookies.  We worried about the sugar content.  We worried about the ingredients.
Momma Sandra is a bang up cook, but baking seems to escape her bountiful skill set.

I, Holly, am a pastry chef.  I bake and cook for a living.
Well…HELLO. I’ll just make her her own.  I’m fantastic at tailoring a recipe to suit a person’s tastes.

So I did.  Then I did it again when she wanted more than the first flavor. (Variety is the spice of life after all.)

B.A.M! was born. Just like that.

Welcome to our journey. We’re delighted to have you along for the ride!